The Puppy Channel Finally Arrives!

Every couple of years or so, “This American Life” (a show on public radio), reruns a piece they did many years ago about a guy who tried to start a cable TV channel that just featured puppies. No humans, just puppies and instrumental music. It was meant as a “parking” (barking?) channel when you couldn’t find anything you wanted to […]

The Puppy Channel Finally Arrives! The Puppy Channel Finally Arrives!


My last blog entry was 232 days ago. Around that time two kittens were busy trying to get their eyes open and searching around for their place at their mother’s teats. Today, at this moment, they are two lumps moving around playing cat and mouse (or cat and cat) under the comforter on my bed. Joey, the muscular male, and […]

Cats Cats

What’s in a name?

I have a fairly common name, but I’m apparently the most tech-savvy of all the people that have my name, because I’ve managed to get the important internet addresses associated with my name. However, I’m not the most famous person with my name. That became apparent to me one Monday morning in 1980 when I went in to work at […]

What’s in a name? What’s in a name?

Back to what passes for work

Now that the great Snowpocalypse of 2011 is over, and the ice has mostly all melted, it is time to get back to work. I have a number of projects to start on in the morning, of different types. WordPress, bbPress, BuddyPress, ASP.NET MVC, WebMatrix and so on. My challenge is, as always, organizing my time so that I can […]

Back to what passes for work Back to what passes for work

Writing, and Preparation

I spent some time today writing some outlines for my story for the next Altanta MothUP, a spin-off of The Moth, a storytelling event founded in NYC about 15 years ago where people get up and tell personal and true stories on that evening’s particular topic.  For Atlanta this month, that topic is secrets. Obviously then, I’m not going to […]

Writing, and Preparation Writing, and Preparation
It’s Melting…. It’s Melting!!

Ah, the sound of melt water trickling down the gutters.

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Blue Ecstasy

For over twenty-five years, I’ve listened to H. Johnson present his “Jazz Classics” program every Saturday night on WABE 90.1FM in Atlanta. Usually whenever he is talking during the first three hours of his show, he uses a particular Erroll Garner song as a bed in the background. A slow piano blues  with a brushed hi-hat, and the piano…. left […]

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Snow is Still Here

Not really happy about it either…

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Snow is Here

Don’t know what to say tonight, other than the snow is here, and I’m prepared to stay home for the next couple of days.  Just hope the power doesn’t go out! (that reminds me… gotta plug up the phone and let it get some juice.) There’s an awful lot of false equivalence being made concerning events of the past day, but I […]

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Snow Is Coming

A year ago we were slip-sliding around Atlanta in an ice storm.  We had to wait another month for what passed for real snow.  This season we had a decent snow two weeks ago, and are now preparing for a big snow followed by freezing rain, and the temps won’t get out of the 30’s until Friday. I hate winter. […]

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